The American, by nature, is optimistic. He is experimental, an inventor and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly.

John F. Kennedy

Watch the game or read the score?

In recent years, I’ve found myself less and less interested in following sports. There are exceptions, like the Saint’s winning the Super Bowl (with daring and class) last month, or our annual Dodger’s opening day tradition (with much less class), but they are increasingly rare. Between a demanding corporate job, raising a young family, and my sundry creative endeavors, it’s hard to justify spending 3 hours in front of the TV. Particularly when you don’t have one.

Watching a game can be stressful. I know it’s supposed to be entertainment, but if you find yourself invested in the team or the point spread, it can impact your blood pressure. It feels like watching each play can be too much detail. Sometimes I’d rather just read the box score.

This leads me to politics and the media’s reporting of the frantic efforts in Washington to pass legislation, project an image, and keep electoral score. Regardless of which side you affiliate yourself with or your views on government healthcare entitlements, if you are invested in the players or the outcome, it can be stressful to watch.

Now obviously we are all impacted by the outcome of these maneuvers, through taxation and regulation and what not, and I’m not saying you should ignore the debate or not get involved if you think it’s necessary, but it’s the investment in “us” versus “them” winning the debate that interests me. It’s your team versus the other team duking it out in the big game. Matt Drudge can now raise or lower your blood pressure.

Do you watch the game, or just read the score when it’s over?

Learn to appreciate as an artist things as simple as the day; sleep; walking and running – a room – an ordinary phrase; to read an instinct; to drink, to gaze at oneself or speak to oneself – to see afresh, in other words, what has been seen so often – but in its place.

Paul Valéry