Removing Meraki Toolbar in Safari

Especially relevant for our Mammoth friends, simply install an ad blocker (in the case of Safari, the free SafariAdBlock) an add “” to the list of custom filters. Excellent solution for the desktop browser, but will still have to explore something for the iPhone.

The Best BBQ in Town… a New Mammoth Tradition

If you are in the mood for BBQ after a long day on the mountain, you can’t go wrong with Angel’s Restaurant in Mammoth Lakes.  With how much time I spend up there, I can’t believe I just now discovered this jewel.  First, it’s exceptional BBQ.  When you pick up one of the St Louis style pork ribs, the meats slips right off the bone. You have to use a fork!  The wings are just spicy enough to make your reach for a drink, but not enough to scare people off.  The sides are also fantastic, especially the cheese scone rolls with honey butter, and you can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries.  Top it off with good prices and excellent service and I’d have to say it’s worth a visit on every trip.

The Wind. The rush of unexpected events, and the doubts and criticisms of those around you, are like a fierce wind at sea. It can come from any point of the compass, and there is no place to go to escape from it, no way to predict when and in what direction it will strike. To change direction with each gust of wind will only throw you out to sea. Good pilots do not waste time worrying about what they cannot control. They concentrate on themselves, the skill and steadiness of their hand, the course they have plotted, and their determination to reach port, come what may.

Robert Greene